Ophelia Sikes

Vegas Nights Series - Ophelia Sikes

Vegas. The city of glittering dreams and ultimate fantasies. For Heidi, this is her one, last chance at finding what she's always desperately sought. But it's hard to maintain your focus when a playboy billionaire keeps showing up - especially when he looks like a Roman god.

hardened - Book 1 Book 1

Las Vegas. Sin City. Heidi stepped off that plane ready to re-invent herself. Ready to delve into the glitz, glamour, and fantastical unreality which defines the mantra, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Toughened - Book 2 Book 2

Heidi thinks she has Aedan figured out. Spoiled rich kid. Supermodels hanging all over him. Thinks he can buy anybody he needs to. But the crack in his armor appears, and Heidi realizes that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

steeled - Book 3 Book 3

Heidi's world had come to a crashing end. Aedan was dead. She had seen it with her own eyes. Seen him tumble over the edge of the Grand Canyon, lost forever into its jagged depths. He could not save her now.

Forged - Book 4 Book 4

Heidi can't breathe. Her world has come crashing down on top of her. Past and present. Pain and trauma. She had barely crawled out of the darkness the first time.

And now it was staring her in the face, threatening to end it all.

uncovered - Book 5 Book 5

Heidi knew Aedan was a world-class MMA fighter. Heck, his face was plastered on half of the banners in Vegas. But the other half held Attila's face - and Attilla was about to finish what he started.

To break Aedan into so many pieces that he could never be put back together again.

atoned - Book 6 Book 6

Heidi had reached the end. Mark was once again cruelly controlling her destiny. All she held dear had crashed down around her.

It was time for one, final stand.