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StepShifter Alpha Billionaire Lover - Book 1

StepShifter Alpha Billionaire Lover - Ophelia Sikes A NYC MMA SEAL BBW BWWM MMF Menage Paranormal Quickie Romance

BOOK 1 - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and Melissa is in the world place on Earth. The sardine-packed coach cabin of a red-eye airplane. But who is that in the seat in front of her?

* * *

You've read about the billionaires who like to tie things with ... ties. You've lusted over werewolves and werebears. You've sent your blood pressure through the roof fantasizing about that pair of muscle-bound MMA guys whose sole focus in life is to bring you to the heights of pleasure.

You've perhaps asked yourself, self, why do all of these fantastic lovers have to be in different universes? Why can't there simply be one, all-encompassing, all-possessing man whose endless bank accounts and prodigious sexual talents are mine for the claiming? Or perhaps even two men? And why can't the stories be in short, easy-to-read snippets so I can get through JUST ONE GODDAMNED STORY before the kids start screaming bloody murder or that lazy husband of mine wants another beer from the fridge?

Well, pine no more, for the StepShifter series is here! And what's even better, if you post on Ophelia's page with what you'd like to see the Dynamic Trio do in the upcoming books, your wish is her command. Your fantasies will spring to life in technicolor glory. Well, not really in technicolor, because if she made the book's letters red, green, and blue, then the poor color-blind readers amongst us would miss out on the fun. But while the letters might be elegantly black, like the heroine, the language is absolutely racy. Purple. Red-hot passion. Definitely not for anyone younger than eighteen, or anyone without a serious sense of humor about how consenting adults might choose to pass the night. Or day. Or the time it takes a taxi to get from Grand Central Station to Yankee Stadium.

C'mon. Take a look. You know you want to!

Half of all proceeds of this tremendously silly short story series benefits battered women's shelters. Because we all need to smile.

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Book 2 of the Stepshifter series is Stepshifter 2 - Christmas Morning.

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