Ophelia Sikes

Locked Out of Paradise - Ophelia Sikes

A Tropical Contemporary Thriller Romance

Locked Out Of Paradise Book 1

Marilyn's hooked on reality TV shows. Especially shows featuring hunky, naked men like Locked Out Of Paradise. But she'd never thought of actually GOING on one. Not until her sister holds back the one thing she wants most in life - the painting of the waterfall where Kyle had proposed to her eight long years ago.

Before he returned to Afghanistan.

Before he'd been killed in action.

Now Marilyn's stepping into a tropical rainforest, determined to win her prize.

She has no idea what truly awaits her.

* * *

I support battered women's shelters.

Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations of the full series, this novella series is recommended for readers aged 17+. I always write books in series. The first book is free to let you try it out and see if you like the style and storyline. I release in stages so fans can read along as I write it, to offer feedback and suggestions! Many of my storylines are shaped by what readers are interested in seeing.

Some readers are too impatient to wait. They would rather binge-read. For the binge-readers out there, I always release the full set when the series is complete.

So read-as-I-write or binge-read-at-the-end, it is wholly up to you which way you enjoy my works!

This series is in process. I will post regularly with updates as to when the full series is likely to be complete, for those who prefer to binge read.

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