Ophelia Sikes

New Haven Nights Series - Ophelia Sikes

Nadiya had forged a few life for herself. Now it was time to find those who had caused her pain - and to make them regret it.

memories lost - Book 1 Book 1

Nadiya had endured what no person should ever have to endure. She had scrambled her way free of the filth and crawled, inch by desperate inch, to a new life.

Now she just had two missions left.

First, to find the man who had helped to save her. To save his life in return.

And, second, to find the man who had caused her and others such heart-wrenching pain.

To make him pay.

* * *

Half of all proceeds of this novella benefit battered women's shelters.

Memories Lost is the first novella in the New Haven Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this book is recommended for readers aged 17+.

All of my books are written personally by me and are set in locations I have personally been. I have been to New Haven many, many times and have re-visited there recently. My goal is to bring the sights, sounds, and textures of the location to life for you, so you can enjoy a virtual vacation!

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