Ophelia Sikes

Italian Nights Series - Ophelia Sikes

The Mediterranean Sea. Birthplace of the Roman Empire. A place of great beauty - and of immense danger.

loves heat - Book 1 Book 1

Hannah and her sister, Megan, have been given the trip of a lifetime. They are cruising the Mediterranean Sea. Starting at Rome, they are working their way counter-clockwise through Florence, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Sardinia, Sicily, and Pompeii. Life is their playground.

And then Hannah meets Brandon.

carved into my heart - Book 2 Book 2

Hannah's world has fallen to pieces. Brandon had been all hers. A sea-god come to life. And then his ex-fiancee, Jessica, came slithering back into his life, her snake-like charm focused on one task.

To get Brandon back for herself.

lost in darkness - Book 3 Book 3

Things had gone from worse to desperate. Hannah and Brandon were on the run in a city which was a dystopian mashup of Italian paradise meets Grand Theft Auto V. On paper, Cagliari, Sardinia had seemed a romantic eden of gardens and ancient architecture. In reality it was the fanged snake which coiled around them, ready to strike.

Love's Labyrinths - Book 4 Book 4

Hannah could barely breathe. Brandon had just sacrificed himself so that she might have a chance to live. He had plunged into a great white hunting ground to give her the slimmest of hope of making it to shore alive.

Flames and Tears - Book 5 Book 5

Hannah and Brandon had reached the end. The culmination of all they had sacrificed for. The final recknoning from which there would be no escape. What they now faced would test their very souls - and the strength of their new love for each other.

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