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Revealing a Dream Romantic Suspense - Book 3

Within a Dream Romantic Suspense - Ophelia Sikes Dream Lovers in a Lucid World

SHORT STORY / 8500 Words

Suz is trapped alone on a boat with a man who wants to kill her.

But memories are beginning to return ...

* * *

Half of all proceeds of the Within a Dream short stories benefit battered women's shelters.

Revealing a Dream is book 3 in this series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this romantic suspense story is recommended for readers aged 17+. The series is structured for readers to read along as I write them to offer feedback and suggestions on the complex storyline. If you're the style of reader who would prefer to wait until the entire series is finished before you tackle it, that is fine! Simply wait until the series is complete and I'll offer the boxed set. I do that with all of my books.

The reason I publish as I write is that I don't write full time and it can sometimes take months for me to finish up a storyline. There are readers who don't want to wait - who would rather read along as I go and stay engaged in the process. That way they can provide feedback and suggestions on the storyline. Whichever way works well for you, I provide an option.

I love writing about Central Massachusetts and bringing this region to life. Enjoy a virtual trip to a part of the world I live and breathe! I'd love to hear from you at my website at OpheliaSikes.com.

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Book 4 of the Dreams series is coming soon.

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