Ophelia Sikes

Key West Dreams - Book 1

Key West Dreams - Cozumel Nights - Ophelia Sikes Sonya thought she was finally free. Her controlling, fault-finding parents had sold the family home in St. Louis and moved down to retire to Florida. Sonya's life could begin anew! But instead, she found herself lonelier than ever, missing her older brother who had escaped to California the moment he'd graduated from high school. So when her parents offered to fly her down to see the new condo and go on a six-day cruise, Sonya hesitantly agreed. After all, how bad could it be being stuck on a boat with her parents for a week?


The sole shining light was the bevy of stunningly handsome gay men she tumbled into the care of. They offered laughter, fun, and everything she could ever have dreamed of. And Dylan's arms around her could have been all she desired in life.

If only it could be real.

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Book 2 of the Cozumel Nights series is Caribbean Deceptions.

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