Ophelia Sikes

Cozumel Nights Series - Ophelia Sikes

When Sonya's parents offered to fly her down to see the new Florida condo and go on a six-day cruise, she hesitantly agreed. After all, how bad could it be being stuck on a boat with her parents for a week?

key west dreams - Book 1 Book 1

Trapped on a cruise ship with her parents. The sole shining light was the bevy of stunningly handsome gay men she tumbled into the care of. Especially Dylan.

carbbean deceptions - Book 2 Book 2

Things were not what they appeared to be. Not with Dylan, not with her brother ... and Sonya's life was falling apart before her eyes.

mayan sacrifice - Book 3 Book 3

Phoenix's tropical vacation has turned into a dark nightmare. One which has engulfed not only her own world, but that of her parents, her brother, and Dylan.

cancunbetrayal - Book 4 Book 4

Phoenix had once wanted nothing more than to spend time with her distant brother, Andros.

Now she realized just why he had stayed away, all those years.