Embracing a Dream

Hurrah! The 4th and final book in the Dream series is now complete and loading live! Dreams are all done! I’ll create the compilation version tomorrow. Here’s the link to book 1 in the series which should be free everywhere! How are you guys doing tonight?

Black Cat 1-6 Compilation

I just finished compiling the full book of Black Cat 1-6. It’s going live. It’s 281 pages. Book 6 as a standalone book is now live. Everything should be wholly available soon! What are you guys up to tonight?

Black Cat 6 Going Live!

Happy Friday! I finished my final editing and am now loading Black Cat 6 live on Amazon! This series is now COMPLETE! Hurrah!  What are you guys up to on this fine Friday night? I’m going to a fun art show reception, all about forgeries¬† My three forgeries all have black cats in them, of…

Black Cat 5 Live!

It’s live! It’s live! Black Cat 5 is now live. I’m finishing up Black Cat 6 and this should complete the series. I’m enjoying a delightful St. Germain cocktail while I write. What are you up to? Reading or watching anything?

Black Cat 5

OK I have good news and bad news. The good news is Black Cat 5 is now done and I’ll be loading it onto Amazon. The bad news is I just couldn’t squash all the story into this book. I really did try, but it felt incredibly rushed. So I’ll have a book six to…

Black Cat 4

Happy Sunday, everyone! Book 4 in the Black Cat series is live! I’m about 1/3rd of the way through Book 5 which should be the final book. And then that series will be set! What are you up to today?

Black Cat 2 Loading Live

Hurrah! Black Cat 2 is now loading live in Amazon! Black Cat 3 is done and ready to go. Progress is being made! And hopefully I can get out to Newgate Prison in CT on Sunday so I can finish up the New Haven series. The series after that, set at Kripalu in the Berkshires,…

Black Cat Book 2

Happy Friday! I just finished writing book 2 in the Black Cat series. Let me know if you’d like to see a beta-copy of it to offer feedback or suggestions before I put it live! What are you guys up to tonight? Enjoying the start of the weekend?

The Rat of Providence

When I was down in Providence on Sunday I drove past the exact spot that The Pig of Providence ends up. And plus we’re now in The Year of the Rat! Time to get going on writing book 2, before I fall behind an entire year.

Greetings from Ophelia!

I know I’ve fallen incredibly behind with all my Ophelia Sikes books. I wanted to reassure everyone that I’m fine. To help reassure my well-wishers that it’s an “overly busy” issue and not a health issue, I’ll reveal that my actual name is Lisa Shea. I’ve published over 450 books in a wide variety of…