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Dwell in Possibility

I’ve tweaked the cover of Dwell in Possibility – what do you think? Would you let him buy you a drink?

Kelley Square Brawl

5 arrested in brawl in Kelley Square, Worcester MA. You think I make these things up. That place is wild. #worcester  Just driving through there is taking your life into your own hands. Have you seen this intersection? Do you have one like it where you live?

Worcester Nights full boxed set is FREE

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FREE Boxed Set

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FREE Boxed Set of 4 Novellas

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Worcester Nights Reloaded

All four novellas in the #Worcester Nights series have been reloaded on all platforms. I’m preparing for the Wanting All release! Next up, I’ll be reloading the first three of the Bermuda Nights series – and then we’re ready for that final book number four!

Dwell in Possibility for FREE

I need help forcing Dwell in Possibility to show up for free. Please go on Amazon – Dwell in Possibility on Amazon and use the  “lower price” link to show them it’s free at the Nook  URL which is here – Thanks!

Worcester Nights covers

New covers for all four of my Worcester Nights novellas! Only 99 cents each – grab them while they’re hot!

Worcester Nights On Sale

All four books in the Worcester Nights series are currently on sale for 99 cents! Grab your copies and be swept away by the passion! Share the news 🙂 Worcester Nights – Book 1  

Dwell in Possibility – New Cover Sample

I’m thinking of this as a new test cover. What do you think? Does it portray “hero” and “strength”? #romance