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Vegas Nights 5

I know you guys are waiting for Vegas Nights 5. Some patiently. Some impatiently :). I’m nearly finished. It’s been a challenge.

Forged – book 4

Forged – book 4 of the Vegas Nights series – is live!! #RomanceBooks Forged – book 4

Forged – Book 4

I’ve just loaded Forged – Book 4 of the Vegas Nights series – live. It should cycle through soon! I’ll post when it goes live.  #romanticsuspense This was a rough one to write and edit. A lot of emotional stuff going on. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

Vegas Nights

Turns out I was able to get my HBO submission in for Vegas Nights as a potential new series – we’ll see if they are interested to move me to round 2! 🙂  So that kept me busy these past two days. Next up, finalizing Vegas Nights book #4 for release tomorrow! 🙂

Vegas Nights

Sad. HBO had an open call for TV series pilots; I wanted to submit Vegas Nights. I laid out all of book one in TV script format. The HBO submission form jammed for 3 hrs straight and it’s now closed. So I’ve missed my chance. Ah well – maybe next year!

Last Chapter

My sleep schedule is completely upside-down, but I’m ready to start in on that last chapter. It’s a super-charged scene. There will definitely be a book 5 – this right here is heading into the mouth of the dragon. I wanted to make sure I was fresh when I tackled this! Hope you guys are…

Vegas Nights Book 4

OK I was up all night and now there’s only one chapter left to write in Vegas Nights Book 4. Time for some sleep! :).

Vegas Nights series

I’m working on book 4 of the Vegas Nights series. It’s even more emotional than the previous one. Everything’s coming to a boil. How are you doing this fine Sunday evening? Drinking anything tasty?

Steeled – a Vegas Nights Novella

Perfect heat for a Saturday Night! Steeled – a Vegas Nights Novella is LIVE! Steeled on Kindle


Be sure to read Toughened – book 2 of Vegas Nights – because book 3 is heading out to beta-readers! Toughened #romanticsuspense