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Jimmy Thomas – Model

I spent the afternoon chatting with Jimmy Thomas, who is the amazing model featured in nearly all of my Nights series. We’re planning out the images for my upcoming Berkshires Nights series, which starts up once New Haven finishes next week. He’s simply an wonderful human being. Which image is your favorite? This is from…

Vegas Nights

Only 99 cents for the entire Vegas Nights 6-book set! Special lunar eclipse treat! Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights – the full Romantic Suspense novel – is live! Vegas Nights For those who prefer reading the stories all at once, here you go :).

Vegas Nights boxed set

I know, I know, I’m so behind. I’m finally getting the Vegas Nights boxed set ready to go live. What do you think of the cover?

Vegas Nights Book 6 – Atoned

It’s here! It’s here! The final Book 6 of the Vegas Nights series – Atoned! Vegas Nights Book 6 – Atoned

Atoned Loading Live

Atoned is still processing in Amazon’s system. I’ll definitely let you know when it goes live! What are you guys up to tonight? I’m working on mobile-friendly-izing websites 🙂

Vegas 6 is DONE

It’s done! It’s done! Vegas 6 – the final book in the Vegas Nights series – is now complete! I’ll be sending it to the beta-readers tonight :). Thank you all for your patience – my projects at work have been killer these past few weeks, and Easter in there too meant I had zero…

Book 5 of Vegas Nights

It’s live! It’s live! Book 5 of Vegas Nights – Uncovered – grab your copy! Uncovered – Vegas Nights Book 5 

Vegas Nights Book 5

Vegas Nights Book 5 is now in the hands of the beta-readers. I’m aiming to have it live mid-week! Now to work on the cover :).

Book 5

At long last Book 5 of the Vegas Nights series is set! I’ll give it one more read-through when I wake up and then send it to the review team. Then it just depends on how quickly they get feedback to me :). We’re nearly there!