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StepShifter 28 Vienna

StepShifter 28 Vienna is live! Grab your copy while I work on finishing up book 29! 🙂 StepShifter 28 Vienna  

StepShifter 28

I’m finally getting back into a schedule! StepShifter 28 is now out to beta readers! One day at a time 🙂 Have a great day!

StepShifter 27

I’m getting back on track! StepShifter 27 is in the hands of betareaders. Next up, finishing book 4 of Cozumel! What are you guys up to tonight? Enjoying the end of summer?

Next StepShifter

In bed with the laptop, AC, and a large glass of wine while I finish the next StepShifter. Do you guys read in bed?

StepShifter 26

Drinking bubbly while I finish up StepShifter 26. Cozumel 3 is rolling live as we speak. What are you drinking tonight? Up to anything fun?

StepShifter 25

StepShifter 25 is now live! Grab your copy and enjoy! StepShifter 25  

StepShifter 25

I’m back from the wedding in Arizona and kicking into gear! StepShifter 25 is with the beta-readers and should be going live soon! Now to work on Cozumel 3, so I can get the Cozumel series finished and begin work on the Arizona series :). I did work on book 1 while I was in…

StepShifter 23

StepShifter 23 is now live! What will the Stepbrother Shapeshifter trio do in Rome? StepShifter 23  

StepShifter 23

I’m awake again and working on StepShifter 23. What are you guys up to this fine evening? Drinking anything tasty?

StepShifter book 22

StepShifter book 22 is live! What are our favorite stepbrother shapeshifters up to now? StepShifter book 22 Only the shadow knows! Oh wait, I know, but I’m not telling :). Because I’m heading to sleep! When I wake up I’ll be posting book 23, so you’ve got 8 hours to read!