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StepShifter 33

StepShifter 33 is now out to betareaders! Next up, to put StepShifter 32 live! What are you guys up to tonight?

StepShifter 33

OK one of my beta-readers was traumatized with where StepShifter 32 left off so I wrote StepShifter 33. That should come out tomorrow :). And now I’ll get the next Cozumel finished :).

StepShifter 32

StepShifter 32 is now out to my wonderful beta readers. It should be live tomorrow! Next up, I’m working on the next Cozumel :). I hope you guys are staying warm and dry! It’s pouring rain here.

StepShifter 31 is live!

StepShifter 31 is live! Grab your copy!

StepShifter Box Set 3

StepShifter Box Set 3 is live! Hurrah! For those of you who prefer waiting for the boxed versions to come out.

StepShifter Boxed Set

Finally!! StepShifter 31 is loading into Amazon. I’ll let you know when it’s live – hopefully soon! Now to work on the StepShifter Boxed Set of 21-30 and get that live.

StepShifter 31

The holidays really threw me for a loop. Time to get back on track and get my books published! First up, StepShifter 31!

StepShifter 31

StepShifter 31 is written! It goes to beta-readers later today; it should be live Monday! I’ll also get box set 3 compiled. Then to work some more on the next Cozumel book! One step at a time. Have a great Sunday!

FREE! Christmas romance!

FREE! Christmas romance! Shapeshifter stepbrother duo keep the action hot!

StepShifter 29 and 30

StepShifter 29 and 30 are both loading live into Amazon. They should be ready in the morning! Thanks to my beta-readers for their help!