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StepShifter Status

A number of readers are asking about the StepShifter series. The challenge there is we’re up to book 35 and the web of characters has gotten fairly complicated – and they’re all about to come together for a wedding. I need to tape giant pieces of paper to my office wall, re-read them starting with…

StepShifter 35

I finally polished up StepShifter 35 enough that I’m releasing :). What can I say – I care about these characters! It will be live shortly! In the meantime I am absolutely MELTING in this heat. Are you guys cool where you are?

StepShifter 35

I know I’ve been busy with other things for a while. But StepShifter 35 is finally close to release! :). The beta-readers had made some suggestions and it took me a while to get to them. We’ll see what they say this time – and then forward we go! I hope you had a lovely…

StepShifter book 35

StepShifter book 35 is finally going out to the beta-reading team! Hurrah! Lots of fun with ShapeShifting Stepbrothers :). What are you guys up to tonight? Drinking anything tasty?

StepShifter 34

Hurrah! StepShifter 34 is live! And MerGirl 2 should be live shortly, too. Dreams 2 is out to beta-readers. Making progress!

StepShifter 34

Finally! I’ve made the final finishing touches to StepShifter 34 and it’s loading up on Amazon! I think sometimes that taking a vacation creates more work than it gives you a break from it!! :). I hope you guys are enjoying your summer. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

StepShifter 34

StepShifter 34 is heading out to the review team! It should be live in a few days! I’m catching up :). I hope you’re having a great summer!


And there it is, the next StepShifter is also complete. Yes, it was that close to being finished. I needed just the right words!

StepShifter Paranormal Romance 33

StepShifter Paranormal Romance 33 is going live! It should be up in a few hours! Now on to finish up the next Cozumel book :). What are you up to this fine Friday evening? Drinking anything tasty? I think it’s wine time for me!

StepShifter 32

StepShifter 32 is now loading live on Amazon! It should be available in a few hours :). Now to work some more on the next Cozumel!