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StepShifter 35

I finally polished up StepShifter 35 enough that I’m releasing :). What can I say – I care about these characters! It will be live shortly! In the meantime I am absolutely MELTING in this heat. Are you guys cool where you are?

StepShifter 35

I know I’ve been busy with other things for a while. But StepShifter 35 is finally close to release! :). The beta-readers had made some suggestions and it took me a while to get to them. We’ll see what they say this time – and then forward we go! I hope you had a lovely…

StepShifter book 35

StepShifter book 35 is finally going out to the beta-reading team! Hurrah! Lots of fun with ShapeShifting Stepbrothers :). What are you guys up to tonight? Drinking anything tasty?

StepShifter 34

Hurrah! StepShifter 34 is live! And MerGirl 2 should be live shortly, too. Dreams 2 is out to beta-readers. Making progress!

StepShifter 34

Finally! I’ve made the final finishing touches to StepShifter 34 and it’s loading up on Amazon! I think sometimes that taking a vacation creates more work than it gives you a break from it!! :). I hope you guys are enjoying your summer. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

StepShifter 34

StepShifter 34 is heading out to the review team! It should be live in a few days! I’m catching up :). I hope you’re having a great summer!


And there it is, the next StepShifter is also complete. Yes, it was that close to being finished. I needed just the right words!

StepShifter Paranormal Romance 33

StepShifter Paranormal Romance 33 is going live! It should be up in a few hours! Now on to finish up the next Cozumel book :). What are you up to this fine Friday evening? Drinking anything tasty? I think it’s wine time for me!

StepShifter 32

StepShifter 32 is now loading live on Amazon! It should be available in a few hours :). Now to work some more on the next Cozumel!

StepShifter 33

StepShifter 33 is now out to betareaders! Next up, to put StepShifter 32 live! What are you guys up to tonight?