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Mer Girl Series Complete

The entire 5-book Mer Girl series is now loading live on Amazon! The series is complete! Book one is FREE for you to try out. It’s a paranormal shapeshifting romance set in medieval Wales. What are you up to?

Mer Girl

Hurrah! The final book in the Mer Girl series is now complete! I’ll be loading it up shortly. Then I’ll load up the full compilation book for this series, and this will be set! I’m making progress :). Which should I work on next, the Dragon or the Pig?

MerGirl book 3

Progress! I just sent MerGirl book 3 to the beta-readers. I’m still settling on a title for this one. I have one I like but I don’t want to have it give away a story line detail. So I’m torn. I’m working my way up to tackling the last climactic book in the Cozumel series….

mermaid Paranormal Romance

Book 2 in the mermaid Paranormal Romance is live! Perfect fantasy weekend reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this series – it’s definitely different from my main Worcester Nights books.

MerGirl series

I’d love a few more beta-readers for the MerGirl series. If you’d be interested, please let me know! Beta-readers provide feedback before a book goes live. I’d be happy to send you book 1 as well if you don’t have that one. This is a paranormal romance set in Wales. They’re short stories; this one…

MerGirl 2

Thank you all for being so patient with me! My other obligations took over my life for a while. I finally had some time over the July 4th weekend and focused on writing. I just finished MerGirl 2 and the next StepShifter is nearly done as well. Progress!


MerGirl is live! This is a gentle short story series to give my mind a break in between the more serious works :). Now back to my Cozumel writing!

MerGirl Going Live

The new MerGirl book is loading live on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, SmashWords, and all other platforms! I’ll post when they each go live!

Mer Girl Paranormal Romance

The Mer Girl Paranormal Romance is now out to beta readers. I’m making progress on my various series!