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FREE! Local Author’s Fair

FREE! Local author’s fair coming up SUNDAY June 7th from 1-3pm at Tatnuck in Westboro! Mark your calendar! Meet authors, including me!!, learn about writing a novel and getting published! FREE! Local Author’s Fair  

Please Resubscribe!

I’ve repaired my website but unfortunately there’s a “gap” in my data now, where I’ve lost some of my newsletter subscribers. Please re-subscribe just in case you were in that gap. I’ll be giving a free e-book away to the list soon, as a thank-you for your patience with me!

Blog Live Again

I’ve got the blog live again. Unfortunately I lost about a month’s worth of posts. I’ll try to manually restore those soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is full of romantic warmth – in whatever form that takes for you! #valentinesday

Hollywood’s sexiest sex scenes

Hollywood’s sexiest sex scenes – do you agree? Which one is missing from the list? Hollywood’s sexiest sex scenes

2 Feet of Snow

Massachusetts is about to be hit with up to another 2 feet of snow – on top of the 4+ feet many of us already have! Stay safe! It’s already almost waist-deep in my back yard. I’ll be carving out tunnels next :). How is the weather where you are?

Initial Attraction

Initial Attraction, our set of 9 hot #romance books, is now #40 out of the entire Kindle free books! Grab your copy! Initial Attraction  

a Blizzard is Coming!

I hope all my Massachusetts and Connecticut fans are hunkered down at home with lots to drink! 🙂 I know I am … a Blizzard is Coming!

FREE book series

FREE! Need a hot man to warm you up on a cold winter’s night? Here’s nine sizzling guys to choose from! Initial Attraction FREE book series

Arisia in Boston

I’m making up business cards for this weekend’s Arisia convention in Boston. What do you think? Suggestions?   Or this?