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Lost In Darkness on Lulu

Lost In Darkness hot Italian suspense romance is live on Lulu! Only $.99 – Lost In Darkness on Lulu  

Italian Nights – Lost in Darkness

Italian Nights – Lost in Darkness is LIVE on SmashWords! Enjoy hot romantic suspense in its best location – Italy! Italian Nights – Lost in Darkness

Italian Nights book 3

One final change to Italian Nights book 3 and then it’s going live today! Be sure to catch up on the story – start with this guy for FREE 🙂 – Dwell in Possibility

Italian Nights Book #3

OK, I’m exhausted and am heading for bed. But Italian Nights Book #3 is nearly ready to go live! Probably Wednesday! #romance

Italian Nights

I’m sending review copies of Italian Nights #3 out to get final feedback before I post it live. If you’ve read Italian Nights books 1 and 2 and would like a preview of 3 let me know!

Italian Nights

Book 3 of the Italian Nights series is now complete! It should be live by the end of this week! Gives you time to catch up on books 1 & 2 🙂

Carved Into My Heart

Carved Into My Heart is now LIVE!! Grab your copy and enjoy the weekend! #romance #cruise #romanticsuspense Carved Into My Heart Please share the news!

Carved Into My Heart

The cover for Carved Into My Heart – Book 2 of the Italian Nights series – is done! What do you think? Would you fall for him?

Italian Nights book 1

Italian Nights book 1 – Love’s Heat – is live! Grab your copy and feel the heat of an Italian romance! Italian Nights book 1 Book 2 is already in the hands of the review team! It should be coming out next week!

Italian Nights

Tonight 8pm EST (in about an hour) is the online launch party for Italian Nights! Prizes! Games! 🙂 Join us 🙂 Ophelia Sikes Facebook Page / Party Location