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Love’s Labyrinths

I’m loading up Love’s Labyrinths – Book 4 in the Italian Nights series – this minute! I’ll let you know when it’s live! What are you up to? Drinking anything tasty? I’ve got white wine here.

Flames and Tears

Here’s the cover for the final Book 5 of the Italian Nights series – the book is heading out to the advance readers!

Book 5 Italian Nights

Book 5 – the final book in the Italian Nights series – is now complete! That’ll get some polishing and then go out to the review group!

Sexy Italian Accent

CNN says that Italian is the most sexy accent in the world. Do you agree? Sexy Italian Accent  

Italian Nights Book 4

Italian Nights Book 4 is heading out to the advance readers! Would you like a copy? Let me know! #romance #suspense

Chapter 12 of Book 4

I’m on Chapter 12 of Book 4 and there’s still at least 2 more chapters to go if not more to wrap up the story. Starting to ponder a book 5. What do you think? Should I mash it all into a book 4 or expand it out?


Working on Chapter 9 of Italian Heat’s book 4. They’re in Pompeii now. What an amazing location. It reminds us to treasure life.

Lost in Darkness

Lost in Darkness is out on Kindle – the latest release in the Italian Nights series! Hot Italian Passion 🙂 Lost in Darkness  

Italian Nights 4

Wow, I’m exhausted, but I reloaded all 11 novellas plus the two box sets fresh and new. Now to work on Italian Nights book #4! 🙂

Lost in Darkness on Kobo

Woo Hoo! Lost in Darkness – a romantic suspense set in beautiful Italy – has gone live on Kobo! #romantic #suspense