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Love’s Heat

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Love’s Heat

Help! I need one more review of my FREE romantic suspense Love’s Heat in order to promote it on Booksends – if you’ve read it, please post a review! Thanks!! 🙂 Love’s Heat

What Happens in Vegas

I had a blast in Vegas; I’m part-way through writing the first book in Vegas Nights! Here’s one of my tamer photos . What happens in Vegas mostly stays in Vegas!! What’s your favorite part of Vegas?

Italian Nights Boxed Set

The boxed set for Italian Nights is going live! It should be up in a few hours 🙂 #romantic #suspense That always takes me a while to get done – there’s a lot of formatting and related work involved in getting them all to fit together into one ebook :). But it’s set!

Love’s Heat

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Flames and Tears

Flames and Tears – book 5 of the Italian Nights series – is LIVE!! Grab your copy! 🙂 Flames and Tears #romance #suspense

Flames and Tears

It was really hard for me to put Flames and Tears live. I kept resisting. I just love this Italian Nights series and I think I didn’t want it to end. I kept thinking about creating another cliffhanger and going on for another book. I think it’s like when you have a favorite TV show…

Book 5 – Flames and Tears

Book 5 – Flames and Tears – of the Italian Nights saga is going live now! It’s the perfect time to reread the first four to get ready 🙂 Italian Nights – Book 1  

Italian Nights

The final book in the Italian Nights series is about to release! Be sure to grab Love’s Labyrinths first! Love’s Labyrinths on Amazon #romance

Love’s Labyrinths

It’s live! Love’s Labyrinths, book 4 of the Italian Nights series, is here. Grab your copy and enjoy your weekend! Love’s Labyrinths