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Jon Bon Jovi

Happy Birthday to Jon Bon Jovi, born March 2 1962! What’s your favorite Bon Jovi song? #bonjovi

Name the Singer!

It’s his birthday! Who’s the singer, and what’s this song?

Happy Birthday to Burt Reynolds

Happy Birthday to Burt Reynolds, born 2-11-1936. There’s just something about cowboys. Do cowboys hold a special place in your heart?

Happy Birthday to Lol Tolhurst

Happy Birthday to Lol Tolhurst, drummer for The Cure. Do you have a favorite Cure song?

Happy Birthday to Clark Gable

Happy Birthday to Clark Gable, born Feb 1, 1901. Who can name this movie? What else do you remember him from?

Happy Birthday Paul Newman

Happy birthday to amazing actor Paul Newman, born January 26, 1925. Share and Like if you think he still shines! Who can name all his roles here, and what else have you seen him in?

Happy Birthday to Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler

Happy Birthday to Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, born January 22, 1965! The band eventually had to let him go due to his heroin use. Steven wanted to kick his addiction – but heroin is a powerful drug. It’s what my latest novel explores. What’s your favorite Guns N’ Roses song?

The Weekend’s Here!

The weekend is here! Is there dancing and music in your future? I’m looking forward to dancing to some Zeppelin!

Choose Your Hero

We all change moment by moment. A hero walks into your life tonight. If he’s one main thing, is he … rippled muscles? quite wealthy? sharp-edged and ready to take on anything? committed to doing the right thing? They’re all good, but what trait, for you, edges the rest out?

10th Day of Christmas

It’s the 10th Day of Christmas! How does this image relate? What else have you seen these guys in?