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50 followers on Instagram

I’m celebrating reaching 50 followers on Instagram! Thank you everyone for supporting my new account! To celebrate, here’s a photo of Hugh Jackman, who turned 50 in 2018! It goes to show that mature men definitely have something to offer. What’s your favorite movie with Hugh? I like him as Wolverine.

four versions of Jack Ryan

It’s the 4th Day of Christmas! Here’s four versions of Jack Ryan! Which one is your favorite?

Star Trek trio

It’s the Third Day of Christmas! Which of this Star Trek trio would you choose to save you from Khan? Or would you stay with Khan?

Briefs vs Boxers

OK what do you call these underwear? Briefs? I think of these as the opposite of “boxers” – mid-thigh silk squares. One of my beta readers is commenting how I tend to have my heroes in briefs. To her it’s unusual.┬áThis is the style I’m describing, although usually black. What type of guys’ underwear is…

Dancing in his Underwear

OK who can name this guy in his underwear, about to dance? Bonus points – WHY is he going to dance?

guy’s underwear

Talking about guy’s underwear with one of my beta readers. Who was this guy dancing in his underwear?

Robber vs Female MMA Champion

Robber makes a mistake when the woman he attacks turns out to be a MMA champion :). Robber vs Female MMA Champion  

Writing with Candles

Curled up in bed with the laptop, the candles lit, and writing :). Who else is up this late at night? Are you reading?


Only a few hours until Outlander starts up again! Are you guys gonna be watching it? I am!!

StepShifter Alpha Billionaire Lover

I may be utterly insane but this makes me laugh SO much. Sometimes I need that. Anyone want a free preview copy? It’ll be a series of short stories. About a StepShifter Alpha Billionaire Lover.