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Christian Kane Sword Fighting in Leverage Redemption

I’ve always loved Christian Kane in Leverage. In a recent episode he got to do sword-fighting, another passion of mine. A true win-win! Time to work on one of my medieval books. What are you guys up to today?

dragon paranormal romance

It’s live! It’s live! My dragon paranormal romance is live! Progress is being made! 🙂 Dragon Bound – The Saga of Flames and Frost Book 1

Dragon Bound – Fantasy Paranormal Romance

Wow I’ve been working on this book for *eons* and it’s finally going live! Hurrah! This is a fantasy paranormal romance.

fantasy dragon series

I keep tweaking the cover for my new fantasy dragon series. Thoughts? Let me know if you’d like to betaread this (i.e. read it before it goes live to provide final suggestions on any changes). I know a few of you emailed me – I’ll get those out to you via email as soon as…

Dragon book 1

With MerGirl 2 and StepShifter 34 in the hands of the beta-readers, next up Dragon book 1 is ready for that stage. Progress! #IAmWriting