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Writing on the Back Porch

Drinking Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante with frozen peaches while I write on my back porch. What are you guys drinking tonight?

Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions

It’s live! It’s live! Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions – is up! 🙂 Share the news! Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions  

Cozumel 2

I’m finally catching up! Cozumel 2 is loading live into Amazon. I’ll let you know when it’s up! Now to get the next StepShifters out to the beta-readers! What are you guys up to tonight? Reading anything interesting? I think I tore a back muscle or something so I’m trying to stay stationary. Which is…

Cozumel 2

Cozumel 2 is now out in the hands of the beta-readers! It should be live in a few days. Thank you all for your patience while I finished it!

Cozumel Nights book 2

Cozumel Nights book 2 is about to go out to the beta readers – what do you think of this cover and title?