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Cozumel Nights

Woo hoo! The full novel for Cozumel Nights is now live on the Kindle side. The paperback side is still processing. I’ll let you know when it’s available. Enjoy your evening!

Cozumel series

I’m currently loading live all the paperback versions of the Cozumel series to catch those up, now that that series is complete. And book 1 of the next series is heading off to the beta-readers! Progress is being made! Here’s a photo of an iguana I saw in Cozumel to celebrate :). Can you see…

The final book in the Cozumel Nights series is live!

It’s live! It’s live! The final book in the Cozumel Nights series is live! :). Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Cozumel Book 5 / Mexican Standoff

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I know it’s been a long, long time coming. I am grateful that my ability to write these stories is slowly returning to me, and I am grateful for all of you for your patience and support through my challenges. Have a wonderful day full of blessings and joy :). The book…

Cozumel Nights – Cancun Betrayal

It’s live! It’s live! Just released! Hot Romance & Lurking Danger in the sultry jungles of Cancun! 🙂 OK that only took me a few months! 🙂

Cozumel 4

One more readthrough in the morning and Cozumel 4 will be posted. Then it’s on to the next StepShifter!

Cozumel 4 DONE

Hurrah!! I know it’s April Fool’s but this is NOT A JOKE. I thought of putting the post off until tomorrow but with the way life has been going I didn’t want to risk it! I was sick nearly 2 months but I finally got Cozumel 4 finished and off to the beta-readers. Thank you…

Mayan Sacrifice

Mayan Sacrifice – book 3 of the Cozumel Nights series – is now live! It’s free if you have KindleUnlimited Mayan Sacrifice  

Cozumel Nights

Cover help needed! Here were books 1 & 2 in the Cozumel Nights series. The name “Cozumel” means “Island of the Swallows.” The characters are on Cozumel in book 3. So do I name that book Swallow Island? Cozumel? Island of the Swallows? If I name it “Cozumel” will it be confusing since the series is already…

Cozumel Nights book 3

Cozumel Nights book 3 is now in the hands of the beta-readers! Hurrah! Wow, this summer has just been SOOO busy. Thank you for your patience! I’ll strive to be quicker with book 4 :). Have you guys read books 1 and 2 yet? Might be time to re-read them, I know that was a…