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Berkshires Nights Book 1

Hurrah! Book 1 in the Berkshires Nights series is live. Book 2 will be ready in about a week – it’s written and just needs final proofing. I’m slowly rebuilding my focus! How are you guys doing?

Berkshires Nights Book 1 Going Live

OK it only took me three years, but I finally have book 1 from the new Berkshires Nights series loading live on Amazon! I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Book 2 is already written, so I should be able to get that live in a few days. Thank you for your patience!

Berkshires Nights Beta-Readers

Happy Monday everyone! Now that New Haven Nights is finally!! complete, I can move forward with Berkshire Nights which is set at the Kripalu meditation retreat in Western Massachusetts. I *love* this place. Here is one of my photos. Books 1 & 2 are done already. Let me know if you’d like to beta-read one…

New Haven Nights box set

Hurrah! The full box set for New Haven Nights is loading up live now! I’ll let you know when it’s ready. You can read book 1 for free to get yourself started! What are you up to today?

New Haven Nights Series

If you haven’t read book 4 – the final book in the New Haven series – now’s the time! The Berkshires Nights series is starting up shortly! What are you guys up to this fine summer weekend?

New Haven Nights Book 3 Live

Hurrah! Hurrah! Book 3 in the New Haven Nights series is live! Book 4 is ready to publish. If any of the beta-readers have last-minute comments on any of these, please let me know. I’m planning on publishing Book 4 this week, and then the New Haven series will be complete! I hope you’re enjoying…

Jimmy Thomas – Model

I spent the afternoon chatting with Jimmy Thomas, who is the amazing model featured in nearly all of my Nights series. We’re planning out the images for my upcoming Berkshires Nights series, which starts up once New Haven finishes next week. He’s simply an wonderful human being. Which image is your favorite? This is from…

New Haven Nights Book 4

Four! I’ve finished writing the first four chapters of book 4 of the New Haven nights series! Hurrah! My favorite of the Four Musketeers is of course Athos. One could say that most of my heroes in my stories tend to be like Athos. Which one is your favorite? I hope you’re enjoying this fine…

New Haven Nights 3

So happy!! Book 3 in my New Haven series is finally closing in on going live! It’s out in the hands of the beta-readers. And I was able to visit the Newgate Prison Tuesday so I’ll start writing book 4 shortly. If you’re available to join the beta-reading project please let me know! I hope…

New Haven Nights

Hurrah! Hurrah! After months of having New Haven Nights stalled, I was able to get in to the Newgate Copper Mine & Prison today! That ‘hut’ in the lower right is the entrance into the prison mines. It was an absolutely powerful experience. You’re deep underground and every surface you walk on is twisting, turning,…