I know I’ve fallen incredibly behind with all my Ophelia Sikes books. I wanted to reassure everyone that I’m fine. To help reassure my well-wishers that it’s an “overly busy” issue and not a health issue, I’ll reveal that my actual name is Lisa Shea. I’ve published over 450 books in a wide variety of genres. Ophelia Sikes is my only pen name. I use it because all the rest of my books are teen-friendly and I wanted to keep the more adult content separate from that.

I am healthy, just incredibly busy. And yes, as I’ve mentioned before, writing the Vegas series really took a toll on me emotionally. So I have been working on my tamer content to try to recoup. It’s taking longer than I thought. But I am still writing.

I was just down in Providence on Sunday, so I’ve got ideas for the Providence book 2. I’ve got the Black Cat book 2 mapped out. And I have the sequel to New Haven half written, set at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. I just have to get that final book of New Haven done. I really wanted to go down into the historic Old Newgate prison in Connecticut to write that up authentically, and I haven’t found the time to do that. I will make a renewed push. I’m just juggling a lot of things.

So I think what I’ll do is post here when I have books that seem to be interesting to my Ophelia readers even if I write them under Lisa Shea. That way at least you know I’m still active and around. And I will do my best to get some of these series moving again.

Thank you all for your incredible patience with me :).

I hope you are all having a great winter!