I’d always wanted to write this story. It begins with the heroine dreaming being a dedicated FBI agent hot on the trail of sex traffickers. Then it switches to her “normal” life where she’s a quiet owner of a gift shop with a boring husband. As the story progresses, you realize that she actually IS the determined agent and that the dreams of a “normal life” are the dream world.

So far it looks like this situation is confusing my readers. I only have one review, a 3/5 star, where the reader said it was baffling to have this happening.

I’m finalizing book 3 of this series. These are shortish stories / novelettes. I would love if any of you would be willing to read books 1-3 (I’d send them to you) to offer any suggestions on making this easier to read. If these are really just impossible for people to follow then I’ll wrap up the series so it can “end” and consider it an idea which just wasn’t meant to be.