I want to thank everyone who has been so patient with me during my writing hiatus. A number of different things all bundled together to cause issues for me every time I tried to get back into a writing routine. I am finally getting my life organized that I can try to carve out some writing time again.

I did manage to get one thing written – that was a 5,000 word six-chapter book one in a cat-themed science fiction story. My local writing group was doing a compilation book for the 2017 holiday series, to benefit animal shelters, and I wanted to do my part. I’ll be making that its own standalone series at some point, but that’s low on my priority list. I have enough other series here that readers have been waiting for a long time.

I have all sorts of ideas for series after Cozumel is wrapped up – so it’s not that I’m running low on ideas. I’ve just been incredibly busy with other things. I used to write non-stop and I haven’t found any time to work on that. So I’ve been working to catch up on other tasks to give myself some writing time again.

So grab a copy of Animal Crackers, support animal shelters, and I will check in soon when I make progress on one of the actual series on my to-do list!

Have a great weekend :).

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