Ophelia Sikes

Bermuda Nights Series - Ophelia Sikes

Boston's beautiful brownstones and deep history can feel cold and unforgiving when you're alone. Amanda needs to get away. And her best friend, Kayla, has the perfect idea ...

Dwell in Possibility - Book 1 Book 1

Amanda desperately needed to get away. Her whole life had been about pleasing others - her straight-laced parents, her rule-bound teachers. When her best friend, Kayla, suggested they hop a cruise from Boston to Bermuda, Amanda leapt at the chance. This was her one chance to light the night on fire.

And then Evan stepped on stage.

Wine-Dark Dreams - Book 2 Book 2

Amanda's idyllic tropical vacation to Bermuda has morphed into a battlefield. Her passionate nights with Evan send her ex-boyfriend, Jeff, into a jealous rage.

On a cruise ship, there's nowhere to run - and few places to hide.

The Soulless Abyss - Book 3 Book 3

There had been no other choice. Amanda did the one thing she had to do to keep her and Evan alive. There was no going back. There was no returning to the way things once were.

She didn't care.

Wanting All - Book 4 Book 4

Amanda's world had been broken beyond all repair. Shattered remnants lay scattered all around her. A mere seven days earlier her life had been ordered and ordinary. Now it was twisted beyond all recognition. She only knew one thing.

That Evan would be there by her side, no matter what Hell on Earth they faced.

Worcester Nights Ophelia Sikes Box Set Bermuda Nights Boxed Set
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